History of Raseborg Castle

History of Raseborg Castle

Raseborg Castle was founded near to 1374 by Swedes. In 1378 there the first reference about it. The castle was erected on the granite rock surrounded by the water. Raseborg was administrative center of the province and strong point against pirates of Baltic Sea.

The mighty castle on the sea shore opposite Revel (Tallinn) city could control the important trade-route form Lübeck to Novgorod. There was significant custom point and revenues were very big. The Castle was a base strong point in Sweden confront against Danes, Revel and Baltick pirates.

In the middle of the 15 AD, viceroy Karl Knutsson Bonde kept his court in the Castle some time. In 1528 the administrative center of the province was moved to Ekanäs (Tammisaari). After that the period of decline of the castle began. It was abandoned in 1550 and was forgotten for more than 300 years.

Late 19 AC first restoration works begun in the Castle. Nowadays floors, stairs and galleries are restored and covered by roof. The castle used as culture center for excursions and performances. There are the parking, cafe and souvenir shop. There is the entrance fee 1€ summer time.


There was not any additions or rebuilding since 1550 and because that the castle preserves its medieval sight. It is singular and exceptional case in the history of fortifications.

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