Северные крепости - Northern Fortress

Brief report about Italian trip

The author's trip to Italy had a considerable press and internet response, for example this one: www.ars-cartae.com. For the short duration of the trip the some subjects were explored, examined and photographed:


The Castle of Gorizia in the town with museum of modern art.

Castle Citi if Gorizia

Fortifications of San-Floriano to the north of Gorizia.



The famous Venetian fortress (1580). It is the classic bastion fortress in excellent condition. All the town is inside of the round bastion front. Very cognitive and spectacular object.

Palmanova - Porto Udine Blockhause of Napoleonic lunete in Palmanova

There was the re-enactment (re-evacazione historica and "city day").

revacazione historica

revacazione historica revacazione historica revacazione historica

revacazione historica

WW1 - Carso

Austro-Hungarian and Italian entrenchments and battlefields of WWI - Calvaria, Monte san Michele with 149mm long-range battery position in the caves, Monte Sei Busi. That battles are not known in Russia absolutely. This expedition could not be made without support, organization and help by Mr. Aleksander Jankovic (Slovenia) and Mr. Sergio Silvestri (Italy).

Monument of WWI at Calvaria Artillery position at Monte san Michele Entrenchments at Monte Sei Busi

Fortifications of NATO of 1950th in Doberdo di Lago.

Armored cupola

WW1 - Alps

By the courtesy and help of Mr. Sergio Silvestri we have seen the underground Italian fortifications of WWI in Verzenis. It was very impressive.

Underground fortificazione

It would be a good idea to visit these places in the future with good equipment (namely - lanterns, ropes, climbing equipment and etc.) for more long period.

Mascine gun embrasures


Venetian strong point and battlefields of WWI with Italian trenches.

Trenches near to Monfalkone Monfalkone strong point


Miramare Castle looks like the famous "Marlet's Nest" of Crimea!. The Castle of Trieste was explored outward.

Miramare Castle Cannon Castle of Trieste


There are few fortifications in the town and the Castle of Udine were seen.

The firtress gates in Udine Bell tower of the castle of Udine

You can encounter a number of WWI monuments all over Italy, but hardly ever WWII ones (on the contrary of Russia).

War monument in Udine

More then 700 snaps has been made and I do not know yet what should be done with all that treasure because all of these fortificazione are hardly be named word "Northern".  However it all depends...

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