Northern Fortress - Caesarea

Maps and plans of Caesarea Maritima

Where is it anyway?

It is not far, in Israel, in the promised land. There, in general, everything are nearby practically.

In Tel Aviv, from the central bus station to Or-Akiva Interchange by bus No. 910 or 826 - 55 minutes (300 rubles ticket). Then you need march 1.5 km to the Mediterranean Sea.

They say that there is also the train in Israel, it is also known as 'a gitz in paravoz'. it departs as expected, at 7:40, and carries with wagons full of people, like a cart of hay ... well, in general, fellow countrymen will understand me. In short, it rarely goes and travels an hour longer than the bus.

Plan of Caesarea Maritima

1. Roman theater
2. Ruins of Herod's Palace
3. Amphitheater - lists
4. City baths
5. Administrative center with Cardo and Decamanus streets
6. The submerged remains of the southern pier of the harbor
7. Outer Harbor
8. Inner harbor
9. Place of the Temple of Caesar and the Byzantine Church
10. Crusader fortress
11. Roman aqueduct.

Caesarea at 1905

Dragged from the great and mighty WIKIPEDIA, which is our everything!

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