Northern Fortress - Coastal Artillery


Memorial - Coastal Artillery, Rjevskiyifiring ground

"406-mm gun of Soviet Navy. This gun of the Red Banner NIMAP (Scintific Research Navy Artillery Range) defended the Leningrad city from August 29, 1941 till June 10, 1944. It broke down the enemy's strongholds, armoured forces and troops, supported the Red Army and Navy actions on the Nevskij, Kilpinskij, Uritzko-Pushkinsij, Krasnoselskij and Karelskij frontline areas".
Alas, there is a real danger that all of these unique guns could be scarped very soon because nobody care it's destiny. But the hope still alive. The group of concerning citizens has been organized and fight for the guns begun.

How the old guns menages in Finland - go to Ristiniemi cape ->

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