Northern Fortress


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Sight to the west from beacon.
April 3, 1918 (WW1) the island was seized by German "Baltic division" without opposition, because there were no more than 30 Russian sailors on the battery.
December 1, 1939 (Winter War) two Soviet destroyers and cruiser "Kirov" tried to shell installations of Russarö. As result destroyer and "Kirov" got a hits of 234 mm shells and were compelled to retire.
After Winter War the island was in rented zone of Hanko and Soviet artillery was installed here. June, 1941 they were shelled by Finnish armour-clads Vainemainen and Ilmarinen.
In 1941-44 the island's batteries were in Uudenmaan Rannikkoprikaati (Uusimaa Coastal Brigade) in composition 6 - 234/50 and 4 - 75/50.

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