Celebration tent Sukkah on the roof of the Citadel tower, Citadel (Jerusalem)

Celebration tent Sukkah on the roof of the Citadel tower

Celebration tent Sukkah on the roof of the Citadel tower

Sukkot or the 'Feast of Tents' in Israel is celebrated on the 15th of the month of Tishrei (October) and lasts 8 days. This is all connected by the exodus of the Jews from Egypt, spending the night in the Sinai desert in tents or even in the open air. Officially, there are only 2 extra days off, but many Jerusalem' residents (I know some of them personally) celebrate for a whole week. But this is not important, the main thing at this time is not to spend the nights under a roof but in a tent or marquee. That’s why people build these kinds of structures from palm leaves on the flat roofs of houses, in squares, streets, or even on the balconies of residential buildings, where they drink and solemnize in the evenings, and then spend the night there. A good holiday in my opinion.

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