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IS-3 tank

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It is established near to highway to Petersburg in the east direction of the fortress. It is so-called "the tank of break". It's weight is 46 tones., the crew consist of 4 persons, it has 122 mm gun with coupled 7.62 machine gun DT and armed antiaircraft 12.6 mm machine gun DSK. The frontal armour's thickness is 120 mm, side thickness - 80 mm, the armour's thickness of tower - 250 mm. The diesel engine - 520 h.p. There is the inscription that the tank was established in memory of war 1941-45. This is a good tank. But I do not understand why it is standing here. The first experimental tanks were issued in May, 1945 and this type tanks were not take part in that war. It is more suitable for this tank to stand somewhere in Sinai peninsula or Gollans heights...

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