Northern Fortress - Kronstadt

Obvodny Canal and New Kronstadt Fdmiralty

Obvodny Canal and New Kronstadt Fdmiralty - Kronstadt, Admiralty next photo - 105 kb

View of the Obvodny Canal and the buildings of Provision stores (magazines) of the New Admiralty in Kronstadt. New Admiralty was founded by Catherine II, who was terrified by the fire of the St. Petersburg Admiralty in 1783. Construction was conducted in 1785-1789 by Admiral S. K. Greig's project. The project was implemented only in part, since the capital's naval bureaucracy did not aspire to go to the crude Kronshtadt for permanent residence. Nevertheless, 7 brick stores were built on the Canal, and in addition a rope-spinning mill with a tar and hemp barn, a dry-house plant, a forest shed, a smithy, several workshops were built.

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