The cast-iron pavement at Yakornaya Square, The Town (Kronstadt: Kotlin isl.)

The cast-iron pavement at Yakornaya Square

The cast-iron pavement at Yakornaya Square

Alas, it is a remake of 1970s. Before the 2nd World War, there were in Kronstadt several kilometers of such roadways. In 1942 Morskoy Plant received an order for one hundred thousand antipersonnel mines. And where to get metal? Yes, that is under the feet of a great cast, and it could give many small fragments in the explosion. And a unique pavements went to the smelter. A little bit remained here in Yakornaya Square and at Penkovy Bridge. In the 1970s, in connection with the laying of the concrete base under the road old iron elements were too high and at the Morskoy Plant new elements were made in the former half of the height.
In the background the Cathedral in the scaffolding is pictured.

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