Northern Fortress - Pechorsky Monastery

"God-made Caves"

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Entrance to the Holy Caves and pilgrim's host are seen on the picture. There is the inscription "God-made Caves" on the entrance arc. A bell-ringer with fall in his hands is seen on the foreground. A photography is strictly forbidden in the caves, so short description would not be unnecessary.
The Holy Caves ("pechory" - caves on old Slavonic) are consists 7 underground galleries-streets. There is constant temperature near to +10°С in any season of the year. It is supposed there are more than 10000 entombments. The cave-alcoves were digged in the walls of the galleries, coffins were placed there and and entrances to alcoves were immured after that by bricks and stones. The ceramic tables ("ceramides") with name of dead were fixed on the walls. These ceramides has a considerable art quality. There are many famous names in Russian history on ceramides of the Holy Caves such as representatives of dynasts Suvorov, Naschokin, Buturlin, Mstislavskiy, Pushkin etc.
There is always remarkably fresh air in the Holy Caves, albeit I did not say any ventilation holes or system. You can breathe airily and free even if 30-40 pilgrims with candles crowds in the galleries (there is no electricity light in the caves).

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