Northern Fortress - Shlisselburg

Military jail

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There were the soldier's barracks at first and than, military jail (bulk #1). It was named "Zverinetz" (menagerie) because it's lay-out, there were long passages along side of open cells with bars. Only one prisonbreaking was in Shlisselburg jail for all it's history. This prisonbreaking was in this bulk. April 5, 1849 Ivan Romashov took to he's legs from the cell of 3-d floor of the bulk with the help of guard soldier. He was inspector of colleges of the city of Gdov (North-West Russia) and was condemned for perpetrating of Russian constitution. Unfortunately, he was caught at outskirts of Shlisselburg city shortly afterwards. He was in Shlisselburg prison till 1868 and than was sent into exile to Kirillo-Belozersky Monastery.

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