Northern Fortress - Fort Siarö

Siarö Fort layout

View of the fort from space

1. Guest berths
2. Hostel (ibid - ticket office) - former barracks
3. Private house - former officers house
4. Artillery Fort - the main structure with 152 mm turret guns
5. Ferry terminal
6. The main entrance to the fort
7. Mine-searchlight station with a signal post
8. Position of 57 mm guns
9. Anti-personnel obstacles
10. Former cholera cemetery
11. Positions of small-caliber anti-aircraft artillery

Fort dungeons

In the left (northern) part of the fort there is a mine-searchlight station connected by a long corridor with a diesel-generator compartment, behind it there is a kitchen, searchlight and officers' living quarters. Further in the southern direction along the corridor underground barracks for garrison, the central control post, warehouses and exits to the guns with powder cellars and observation armored caps are situated.

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