Northern Fortress - Sveaborg

Plan of Sveaborg fortress

Central part of the fortress - Citadel

1. Naval Academy - the military zone with limited entrance.
2. Pier where the ferry from Helsinki is to moor
3. "Jetty Barracks" - (1868-70). There are the cafe, gallery and Suomenlinna brewery.
4. Church (1854)
5. Drill square and russian coastal barracks
6. Library
7. Local council
8. Military Museum
9. Artillery Bay
10. Galley Dock (1760) - this is the oldest active dock for sailing vessels in over the Europe
11. Custom museum
12. Gallery "Augusta".
13. Museum of Ehrensvärd
14. Bastion "Hyvä Omatuuto" - the Summer Theatre
15. fortress guns on the artillery positions
16. Museum of coastal artillery
17. Central fort zone(1775)
18. Royal Gates

Vallissaari and Kuninkaansaari islands

Red markers points to artillery batteries, green markers - to reserve powder magazines.

Land defence of Sveaborg fortress

Land defense of Sveaborg fortress

Click to the picture for detail map of explored strong points (600 kb). It is not all the strong points - may be one half or even one third.

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