Model of city Viipuri (Vyborg) as it was on 2.09.1939, 10:30 local time, Annencrown (Vyborg)

Model of city Viipuri (Vyborg) as it was on 2.09.1939, 10:30 local time

Model of city Viipuri (Vyborg) as it was on 2.09.1939, 10:30 local time

This remarkable model can be seen in the Museum of South Karelia in Lappenranta, Finland. It represents the buildings, streets, machines and local peoples as it were on 2-th day of September 1939. It was made by aerial photographic pictures. And, as I has been told, the olderly finns came there and found themselves on the model and crying... So it goes.
The Annenskie fortifications (Annencrown) are seen at the foreground. About it will be told farther...

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